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Student Life

Welcome to the spirited heart of The Howard School, where our students’ journey goes far beyond academics. In our inclusive K-12 environment, we believe every child has unique interests and talents waiting to be discovered and nurtured.

A Full-School Experience

At The Howard School, student life is the pulse that complements academics.  It’s where friendships are formed, skills are honed, and characters are shaped. We provide a full-school experience, embracing each child's unique learning journey. Here, students don’t just learn — they thrive, discovering strengths they never knew they had.

3 students hugging in front of a building

Explore a World of Possibilities

Our student life mirrors the dynamic, multifaceted interests of our learners. With 24 no-cut athletic teams, we champion the spirit of participation and teamwork. Every student has the opportunity to shine, be it on the field, court, or track. It's not just about winning; it's about growing, learning, and belonging.

Cultivate Creativity and Expression

The Howard School is a canvas for creativity. Our arts program invites students to delve into the realms of theater and visual arts. Here, self-expression isn't just encouraged; it's celebrated. Whether it's through a brushstroke, a line in a play, or a digital creation, our students explore their artistic sides in an environment that stirs creativity.

We invite you to explore the myriad of opportunities that make student life at The Howard School extraordinary. Each day is a chance to learn, to play, to create, and to grow. Discover a community where your child can truly thrive. Welcome to The Howard School – where every day is an adventure in learning and living.