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Parent Education Videos

The Howard School aims to teach the whole student, which sometimes includes teaching parents. We regularly host interesting and educational presentations for parents and guardians, a few of which we have collected here for you. 

Parent Engagement Session

On the ROAR
Hosted By: Matt Westmoreland, Assistive Technology Specialist & Jennifer Topple, Director of Language, Literature and Assistive Technology
February 22, 2024

Parent Engagement Session

What are the next steps after High School Graduation for my child?

Hosted By: Erin Layton, College and Next Steps Counselor

February 5, 2024

Parent Engagement Session

The Root of All Evals

Hosted By: Dr. Scott Hamilton, licensed clinical psychologist with particular specialization in comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations for children, adolescents, and young adults
August 29, 2023

Parent Engagement Session

Cyber Savvy Kids presentation

April 5, 2023

Parent Engagement Session

Howard Students in the Digital Age

Hosted by: Sheneka White, Speech Language Pathologist and Matt Westmoreland, Assistive Technology Specialist
May 3, 2023