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Daily P.E.

Research affirms the connection between physical activity and better brain functioning. Over its 64-year history, The Howard School has encouraged all students to participate in a variety of active and athletic pursuits that emphasize personal development, sportsmanship and team play.

Today, our coaches and athletics department faculty encourage a lifelong love of movement through involvement in physical education and a variety of individual and team sports for those in Middle and High School. The Howard School has a unique approach to movement through its physical education and athletic programs.

The Howard School teaches competition in the contexts of sportsmanship, respect and dignity. A strong sense of self-worth through honest contests is the ultimate goal of our interscholastic athletics program. Physical education involves educating kids to use their bodies in a safe and effective manner. Much like learning the letters of the alphabet, we are teaching them basic units of movement. P.E. is the prerequisite to athletics. Until students learn to throw and catch a ball, they can’t learn to play volleyball. If a student is dribbling a basketball up the court, he is learning to track a moving object with his eyes, move in space, change direction and keep his balance. Students learn what boundaries are. These skills are handy; they translate to the classroom and beyond.