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Language Arts 

Our Language Arts Program in both Middle School and 8th Grade focuses on developing students’ reading comprehension and written expression skills, often with the support of the Speech-Language Pathologists as well as with the use of Assistive Technology.

A middle school student wearing headphones at a desk working on a laptop.

Students work to read more challenging texts, learning to analyze more deeply, make inferences, and identify themes. The evaluation of the impact of language on tone and meaning allows students to have a more sophisticated view of the texts they read, including both expository and novel studies. Instruction in writing conventions, including grammar and mechanics, is differentiated to meet individual needs. These skills will be incorporated into the students’ own narrative and expository writing.


The Howard School refers to the Georgia State standards when determining the focus of study. Students learn note taking skills, hone reading comprehension, and also explore expository texts related to the subject area. In the Middle School, students cultivate their skills in small groups, where novels are selected and connected to the topics of study in humanities. 


The objective of the math curriculum at The Howard School is to help students progress as math thinkers, regardless of math facts or algorithm automaticity. 

The Howard School uses Math in Focus: Singapore Math as the backbone for our Middle School (6th and 7th Grades) math curriculum. Building math thinkers rather than math doers, students move from the concrete to the pictorial to the abstract. Following a concept-based approach enables teachers to meet students at their level of success and differentiate as needed.

The Howard School 8th Grade mathematics program follows the same instructional practices as in the Middle School. Students are presented with higher-level concepts necessary for success with Algebra and Geometry. Depending on their academic needs, students study Pre-Algebra or Algebra 1 in preparation for High School. Students completing Algebra 1 may receive a High School credit for the course. 

The Arts 

In addition to the core academic subjects, students participate in art and music classes, as well as STEAM projects throughout the day, providing additional opportunities to focus on taking responsible risks and exploring different media while enriching their classroom experiences. The Howard School is affiliated with the High Museum and MODA, which enhances art and STEAM education. 

The culminating musical project in the Middle School and 8th Grade is a Battle of the Bands, where each music class performs a popular song and competes against the other classes. Faculty and parent bands also participate in this exciting showcase of talent. 

PE/Health Education 

PE/Health Education classes are offered every day of the week. The focus is lifetime fitness, team sports, strategy, flexibility, and personal bests. Health classes offer students a chance to explore healthy relationships and learn tips and techniques for wellness including social, emotional, and mental health. Developmentally appropriate information is also presented about sexuality, tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drug use. 


Our athletic department offers a variety of “all-in” sports throughout the course of the school year. Fall sports include cross country, volleyball, and soccer. Winter sports include basketball, spirit/dance team, and swimming, and our spring season rounds out the year with golf, track, and girls soccer. Our students enjoy ample opportunities to learn their chosen sport, practice, and compete against likeminded schools. 

Student-Led Conferences 

Student-Led Conferences are held twice a year for Middle School and 8th Grade students and their families. Through the development and presentation of a digital portfolio, these conferences give students the opportunity to deepen and understand their own personal learning profile, as well as identify strategies that complement their personal learning approach.