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The 8th Grade

The 8th Grade is the first time students are placed in a single grade destination class. In addition to the learning profile, students begin to receive grades and a transcript. This model continues through High School. Students switch between their academic lead teachers for their core subjects.

Our 8th grade program features an integrated curriculum focused on Georgia Studies, its history, culture, geography and ecology. All class subjects, from science and math to language arts, are connected to this theme for the entire 8th grade year.

A group of 8th grade students posing around a large piece of driftwood on the beach during a class trip

The 8th grade curriculum is highly experiential. Students go on a number of trips around the state — including a week on Sapelo Island — eventually visiting all areas of Georgia. Using iPads and digital photography, students document their exploration, experimentation, learning — and fun — by taking pictures and making films throughout the year.

Particular attention is given to technology, research, and long-term project planning skills, as well as to note-taking and study strategies to help prepare students for a successful high school experience. To mark the students’ burgeoning independence, accomplishments and transition out of middle school, the program wraps up with a Night of Celebration with families.

Note that students receive grades in core classes for the first time in 8th grade in preparation for high school.

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