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Lower School Curriculum

Language Arts/Literacy 

Language, reading, and writing are explicitly taught throughout the day, and infused in all subjects. Our Speech Language Pathologists collaborate with our classroom teachers to plan lessons that target academic, vocabulary and comprehension skills, as well as expand on students’ expressive language skills. 

Two lower school students working in a workbook together

Our strong focus on executive functioning skills also makes The Howard School unique. Our collaborative team helps students to understand how they learn and what tools they need to maximize their success. Through the Habits of Mind and other tools, students set goals for the year and are able to discuss their strengths and challenges. As with all of our instruction, this focus is very individualized to meet their needs. 

Literacy is not taught via one single program. Our experienced educators are trained in a variety of approaches, ensuring they choose the best structured literacy methods to meet our students’ needs. 


Lower School math instruction is designed to help students reason, solve problems, and communicate mathematically. We use standards aligned Singapore Math materials, and lessons are adapted to meet the needs of diverse learners. Instruction is multisensory, following a concrete-pictorial abstract progression, and students learn to communicate their math thinking effectively. Teachers target instruction for varied learning profiles, for example, teaching math strategies that reduce demands on working memory or promoting the use of visual tools. 

Social Studies/Science 

Social Studies is an engaging, project-based journey that helps students understand the events that shape the world around them. The curriculum, which is rooted in national and state standards, includes topics about Georgia and United States History. Science takes an investigative and hands-on approach to learning about organisms, climate and weather, and life cycles, to name a few topics covered. 

Two lower school students in art class with paint palettes

The Arts 

In addition to the core academic subjects, students participate in art and music classes, as well as STEAM projects throughout the day, providing additional opportunities to focus on taking responsible risks and exploring different media while enriching their classroom experiences.

The culminating project in the Lower School Arts Department is a Music Invitational where each music class comes together and performs for the community. The Howard School is affiliated with the High Museum and MODA, which enhances art and STEAM education. 


PE/Health Education classes are offered every day of the week. The focus is fitness, wellness, team sports, strategy, flexibility, visual motor skills, and striving for personal bests.

Student-Led Conferences 

Student-Led Conferences are held twice a year for Lower School students and their families. Through the development and presentation of a digital portfolio, these conferences give students the opportunity to deepen and understand their own personal learning profile, as well as identify strategies that complement their personal learning approach. A parent teacher conference is scheduled for parents in January. 


As an extension of The Howard School, the after school W.I.N.G.S. Program (Wonder, Inspire, Nurture, Grow, and Strive) is designed to continue to make learning meaningful, and therefore, maximize student success in all areas. Through a variety of after school and enrichment programs, the W.I.N.G.S. Program provides students with an opportunity to have constructive learning experiences in education, social recreation, health and fitness activities, and artistic creativity, all with guidance from professionally trained staff. W.I.N.G.S. includes both after school activities and enrichment programs. A wide variety of clubs are offered each year, including: coding, art, Legos, dance, nature club, slime club, drama, and more.