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In High School, the music classes commit fully to performance-based instruction. Students rehearse and perform as an ensemble, focusing on drums, guitar, piano, and vocals. Songs from both popular and standard genres are used as vehicles for musical learning. The classes have several performance opportunities, including the annual Evening of the Arts, the Battle of the Bands, and Graduation.


Beginner Music

Beginning Music introduces students to production and performance (ensemble and individual), covering terminology and idioms, elements of music, perceptive listening and attitudes, and appreciation.

Intermediate Music

Intermediate music enhances skills and understandings through performing a more demanding repertoire to further develop skill-sets related to performing, reading music, and recording to encourage the development of a lifelong interest in music.

Advanced Music

Advanced music emphasizes more advanced musical talents including improvisation, composition, and aural-dictation with an encouragement of composition and use of electronic media.