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Our Journalism electives are hands-on courses that introduce real-world job experiences in the areas of conceptualizing, creating, and publishing. Students in Journalism learn business skills, marketing, sales, and customer relations, as well as time-management, creative, teamwork, and technical skills.


Journalism 1 (Yearbook)

This course focuses on journalistic writing through the analysis and creation of a yearbook including the interview process; evaluating sources; the purpose, structure, and diction in writing; photography, marketing, training in the various technology used in publishing; the publishing process; and how to manage a successful publication.

Journalism 2 (E-Journalism and Literary Magazine)

In this course, skills are continued as the students focus on a more intense analysis, and requires more critical thinking, writing, and photography as related to creation of both e-newspaper (school kiosk)* production and a literary magazine publication.

Journalism 3 (E-Journalism and Literary Magazine)

A more advanced course, students enhance and hone the skills in journalistic writing with a main focus on more in-depth publication opportunities for both the e-newspaper (school kiosk)* and literary magazine.