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Drama is experiential based, which enables the student to gain a beginning understanding of the theatrical arts. Acting terminology, dramatic theory, and methods of analysis are introduced through participatory warm ups, theatre games, pair work, structured improvisations and the performance of scripted scenes. The year culminates in a full production at our annual Evening of the Arts in the spring.


Theater/Arts Fundamentals 1 (Drama 1)

In this course, students investigate theatre as a whole by exploring techniques and origins of a wide variety of theatre arts in various cultures and periods in order to understand eight basic elements of theatre:

  1. Participants: Performers and audience;
  2. Scenario: The plot of the theatrical piece;
  3. Time: Time period and sequence of events;
  4. Place: Where the action takes place;
  5. Clothing: Costumes;
  6. Sound: Sound design;
  7. Movement: Blocking and stage combat;
  8. Purpose: The intent or function of the theatrical piece.

Theater/Arts Fundamentals 2 (Drama 2)

The second course in our drama sequence, Theatre Arts 2 is a continued exploration of theatre and self-discovery through intermediate theatre games, improvisation, and scene work in depth with performance opportunities.

Theater/Arts Fundamentals 3 (Drama 3)

An advanced course where students learn and apply different methods of acting, sensory work, and emotional recall to advanced monologue, scene work, and script analysis.