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By understanding styles of art throughout history and learning about techniques from the masters, the High School art classes contemplate, discuss, and create art in a variety of media. Beyond these elements, we use art to delve into deeper questions such as: What is it that makes us think and solve problems creatively? What will motivate us to work hard? How can we focus on interesting problems to solve?


Beginning Art

In this course, students learn critical thinking skills through artful thinking routines and best practices through the introduction of art history, art criticism, aesthetic judgment, and studio production with an emphasis on understanding and using elements and principles of design through a variety of media, processes, and visual resources.

Intermediate Art

In Intermediate Art, students learn about a variety of Artists and Master Artworks to increase awareness, to examine the role of art and the artist in past and contemporary societies, and to apply those understandings through projects that enhance skills in art history, art criticism, aesthetic judgment, and studio production.

Advanced Art

In Advanced Art, students work to enhance their skills with real world problem solving through independent arts pursuits stressing the idea of development through production and creativity and through developing personal artistic voice.