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Art & Music at The Howard School

At The Howard School, art and music aren’t considered “non-core classes.” These subjects are integral to our curriculum. Learning about and creating art and music requires a mix of technical knowledge and creativity that makes the brain work both receptively and expressively. Because they allow students to process and communicate ideas in different ways, art and music are often used in cross-curricular lessons to augment learning in other subjects, from math to history.

3 children with musical instruments smiling at camera

Lower School Art and Music

Lower School students have art and music classes multiple times per week. The Lower School art program uses a variety of media and techniques to enhance fine and gross motor skills and communication. Many activities are designed specifically to develop fine motor skills and visual-spatial thinking. Lessons include everything from textiles and clay to computer animation, all designed to build creative communication, visual vocabulary and problem-solving skills.

Middle and High School Art and Music

As an affiliate of the High Museum, The Howard School often collaborates with the museum to further integrate visual arts into educational curriculum. Through this partnership, affiliate schools have the opportunity to showcase our High School studio artwork at the museum n the summer of 2015. Our students’ works explore a variety of media. From documented installation work to large format photography to mixed media, including an 8 ft Styrofoam robot and 3D computer model renderings, you will see some incredible pieces of art from our students.

A photo of The Howard School Blackbox Theater, a dark room with rows of chairs and a projector screen for performances