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The Howard School provides an educational program for students with language-based learning differences and disabilities as their primary diagnosis. Instruction is personalized to match individual learning styles and to help each student understand his or her learning process. The curriculum encourages depth of understanding of key ideas to make learning meaningful and incorporates the essential skill development that promotes educational success.
Howard School students have average to above average intellect however, they may not be meeting their academic potential in a traditional setting. They may struggle with any combination of the following: receptive language, expressive language, dyslexia, processing difficulties, etc. Our students may also struggle with ADHD and Executive Functioning skills. At The Howard School, labels no longer define our students; we honor the uniqueness of all learners, emphasizing their talents while addressing their difficulties. The Howard School serves students whose personal learning style may not be complemented in traditional teaching and learning environments, compromising the student’s ability to reach his or her full potential.
Ours is a rolling admissions process. Depending on availability, students may be accepted for the current school year. Additionally, we accept applications all year for the following academic year. The admissions process starts with a visit to the school and a tour. Application information is available in the admissions office. The application is assessed based on the student’s learning profile and available space in the appropriate program. The process from completed application to admissions decision typically takes two to three weeks.

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The Howard School conducts hiring and admissions without regard to race, color, gender, sexual identity, religion, creed, national origin, disability, age, veterans status or any other category protected by law, in accordance with applicable federal and state laws.

Rebecca Daws, Director of Enrollment Management


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