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Middle School/8th Grade

Welcome to the Middle School/8th Grade


Desired Outcomes 
  • Students will know who they are as learners and their own underlying learning processes.
  • Students will reflect on and assess the quality of their own learning, and will advocate for what they need to learn best.
  • Students will capitalize on their strengths, and will identify and use tools and strategies in such a way that barriers to learning are diminished.
  • Students will demonstrate that they are learning the curriculum content and basic skills that support the big ideas and essential questions in the curriculum.
  • Students will express themselves in a variety of ways, including through the arts and movement.
  • To understand something β€œis to see it in its relations to other things.” (Dewey) Students will know how to use their knowledge and skills to solve new problems and to think critically about their world.
  • Students will extend the reach of their learning with technology, using it independently to research, author, and communicate.
  • Students will understand and act upon their responsibility to the communities in which they live.