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Head of School Welcome

Welcome to The Howard School!

How does one measure the success of a school? Some would say it’s by the number of students who gain admission to an Ivy League college or university. Others would say a school is judged by the success of its athletic teams. The Howard School is different. Sure, we’re happy when our seniors are accepted to good schools, though “Ivies” are not our goal. And we proudly display the trophies our athletes have won for their performance on the soccer field or the basketball or volleyball court. But, The Howard School uses a different measuring stick to judge its success. We monitor how our students gain knowledge of and confidence in their strengths as learners, and how they are able to use those strengths to become successful young people, and productive members of their communities.

The Howard School is a community rich in the quality of its students, faculty, staff and parents. Whether it is our seniors spending the year pondering an important society-related question, our Pet Club saving the lives of multiple animals through adoption, our teachers and principals sharing their skills with others in the education field, or our Parents Association working hard to build a welcoming community at The Howard School, there is a common thread throughout. Faculty, staff and parents are all focused on helping our students become the best version of themselves, despite their learning challenges. Students, many of whom have met with failure in other learning environments, feel the support of the adults, and, in fact, surprise us every day with their accomplishments and their drive to be that successful adult they never dreamed they could be.

I am proud of our school and am happy you have stopped by our website to find out more about us. I hope you will continue to navigate through our site to find out how A different approach makes all the difference.

Marifred Cilella
Head of School