Announcing Our New Principal of Middle School & 8th Grade

It is with great pleasure that I announce Adeleke Oteju (A.O.) has accepted the permanent position of Principal for The Howard School’s Middle School and 8th Grade.

As many of you know, A.O. stepped into the role of Interim Middle School Principal in July 2023. Since then, A.O.’s colleagues, students, and parents have found him to be a constant and steady source of kindness, professionalism, and joy. A.O.'s ability to collaborate, innovate, think critically and strategically, his warm and friendly personality, and his welcoming demeanor are a perfect fit for The Howard School community.

A.O. joined The Howard School in 2020 to serve as a Math Specialist. Prior to joining The Howard School, A.O. dedicated a considerable part of his career to teaching and leading teaching teams, designing and delivering broad and balanced curriculums in math and other subject areas for students with learning differences. His passion for teaching, learning, collaboration, and his role in the development of young students have been the driving forces in his 22 years of professional practice.

A.O. has a Masters in Education Leadership and Management (M.Sc.Ed., U.S.), with a focus on leadership, change management, and research into best practices in the design and delivery of math and literacy for students with learning differences. In addition, A.O. holds a Bachelor of Arts in religious studies from Lagos State University, Nigeria, Graduate Qualified Teacher Status from the University of Greenwich, U.K., and a Level 5 Georgia Professional Leadership Certificate.

Please join me in welcoming A.O. to his permanent role as Middle School Principal. We look forward to his continued leadership in the Middle School and across all levels at The Howard School. 


Anna B. Moore, Ph.D.

Head of School 

The Howard School