Future Growth of

The Howard School

The Howard School Community has publicly announced its unique opportunity to expand its campus footprint to help prepare more children for their bright futures. This campus expansion is part of a master plan first considered when The Howard School moved to Atlanta’s vibrant Westside district.

  • $14.3 million campaign is helping prepare more children with language-based learning differences for their bright futures
  • Unique learning model and small class size ratios will remain intact
  • Enhanced campus footprint will benefit up to 350 children across K-12
  • Investing in the future of every child who attends The Howard School

The Opening Doors Capital Campaign will provide funds for new campus buildings that will not only serve approximately 100 additional students, but will also benefit our currently enrolled students.

New High School building and Student Center/Multipurpose building Will Provide Improved Spaces for All Students
Expanded and enhanced learning spaces for Lower, Middle, and High School students, and a MultiPurpose building offering a full-service cafeteria and space for more P.E. programming will benefit every student. The new High School building will provide high school students a place to call their own. Student life will be enriched with more students at all grade levels.

Even as The Howard School grows its footprint, its unique teaching model will remain. Robust teacher programming will continue to best support each student in their language-based learning needs.

Carpool Relief with an Additional Access Road
As part of the campus plan, a second access road will wrap around the campus and offer an alternative way onto Huff Road.

Opening Doors Wider to Benefit More Children
By opening The Howard School doors wider, more children who will benefit from this proven learning model can be served. Children with learning differences can develop their individual talents on our campus and also become prepared for their bright futures.

You Are The Key
Thank you for being a part of this wonderful community. Members of the Capital Campaign Committee will be following up with you over the coming school year to see how you would like to participate in the Campaign. 

For more details, please feel free to review Frequently Asked Questions or contact Marifred Cilella, Head of School, or Nancy Davis, Director of Advancement to arrange a meeting.

Thank you for your support!