Student Profile

Like all of us, students at The Howard School have great strengths and weaknesses. Often students who come to The Howard School have been frustrated learners elsewhere. Their difficulties have prevented them from realizing their full potential, often at the cost of their self-esteem and joy of learning. They are able and creative, but need a more specialized approach to learning than most schools can support.

Typically, our students possess average to above-average intelligence, have struggled in school in various ways, and may or may not have a formal diagnosis. Their profiles may include diagnostic labels such as a receptive/expressive language disorder, dyslexia, executive dysfunction, auditory processing disorder and/or attention deficit disorder, or some combination of these.

The Howard School isn’t the right fit for every student. We are not a therapeutic school, and we do not have specialized programs primarily for behavioral/psychiatric or social/emotional diagnoses, or children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or social communication disorder. 

We find that after a few weeks at our school, students tend to feel less anxious. Because they feel understood and supported at The Howard School, they relax. School becomes enjoyable and learning becomes easier. Many students experience positive changes in their home life, as well. Parents frequently share statements like, “I have my child back.” And, “I now have the child I never knew I had.”