Contact The Howard School at (404) 377-7436 to schedule a private or group tour. (See Tour Schedule)



    1. The Director of Admissions will read the completed file, and may call the professionals who know your child well, including psychologists, teachers, tutors, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, principals, etc.
    2. Our Admissions Office will call the Parent/Guardian to discuss next steps, which may include scheduling an informal student interview and/or a student classroom visit.
    3. The Admissions Office will share your child’s file with other members of The Admissions Committee (Head of School, School Psychologist, Principal(s), Speech-Language Pathologist and Teacher). The committee will then determine whether The Howard School is the best school to meet your child’s needs.
    4. The Howard School Admissions Office will contact you, typically within 2-4 weeks, to offer placement or refer you to another school(s).