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Welcome to The Howard School

I am glad you have chosen to learn more about The Howard School. 


Howard is a place of courageous firsts. From her home just outside Atlanta, Marian Howard founded our School in 1950. Perhaps because she lived with cerebral palsy, or because she graduated from college at a time when it was not the cultural norm for women to go to college, or because of her bold vision, Marian Howard connected with students who learned differently. She did not see their disability, but instead saw their potential. In a courageous first, she established The Howard School as one of the first schools in the country to specialize in programs for children with learning disabilities. Howard was the first school in Georgia to offer specialized education for grades K-12 and the first special education school in the southeast to earn accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

We continue to see lots of firsts at Howard. At Howard, we see the first time a student feels confident reading aloud in a classroom, the first time a child feels fully seen at school, and the first time parents send their child to school without fear that their child will be labeled, judged, or overlooked.

I invite you to learn more about us. Come see what courageous firsts you and your child will discover. 


Head of School Signature, Anna B Moore

Dr. Anna Moore, Head of School