Georgia Tax Credit

The application process for the 2018 Georgia Tax Credit is now open. Because of the popularity of this program, all paperwork must be filed by mid-December of the previous year in order to be processed on January 1. Please go to to complete the registration process. Thank you.

Matching Gifts

Your employer may match your GOAL contribution. Many companies match the charitable contributions of their workforce to support causes that are important to their employees. GOAL is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and therefore qualifies as an organization that can receive corporate matching funds.

In the cases of matching gifts to GOAL, there is no tax credit being received by the corporate donor, so the matching gifts do not consume the cap on available tax credits.

Check with your HR department to find out if your employer has a matching gift policy. Request the necessary forms, complete the relevant sections, and submit the paperwork to GOAL at so that we can complete the process. The Howard School Development Office is happy to assist with completing matching gift paperwork.

Visit our website to view a list of companies that may match employee contributions made to GOAL.

Thank you participating in a program that provides financial assistance to children so they may attend The Howard School.

Questions? If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Melissa Bishop, Director of Development, or 404-377-7436, ext. 229. Or, you can visit the GOAL website at

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